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2019 Rules Question of the Day

The purpose of this page is to comment on rule questions and stimulate good conversation.  You will only be able to comment on the current "Rule of the Day".  Comments from older questions can be viewed but not commented on.  Comments will be viewed and reviewed by Tim Pierson, Zach Errett, and Casey Brennan Goessl.  USWOA Board Members and UWW Officials. 

21 FEB 19. Rules Question of the Day.

When evaluating the active/passive wrestler in Greco Roman, what three things should you be evaluating?

21 FEB 19.


1. CONTACT.  Who’s making contact?

2. HOOKING.  Who’s trying to “hook”; under-hook, over-hook, body hook/lock, or arm hooking? 

3. SETTING UP ATTACKS.  Who’s using a hook to set up an attack?

Joel Sturtevant · 

1. Which wrestler is setting up and making attacks
2. Which Wrestler is creating hooking action, (under/over hooks, front headlocks, body locks)
3. Which wrestler is maintaining contact and which is trying to break contact.

Joseph Kasten · 

whose is controlling the center of mat / action
whose is aggressive / backing up
listening to verbal commands

20 FEB 19. Rules Question of the Day.

You are the JUDGE.  Red has executed a duck under and is behind Blue.  Blue is in a quadpod position (On his hands and feet).  The Referee offers R2. What is your call?

20 FEB 19

ANSWER:  Article 39. No points. Quadpod does not meet takedown criteria.  Three points of contact must be on the mat.  Hands are not points of contact.

Joel Sturtevant · White Paddle - Quad pod does not meet takedown criteria- quadpod is only two points of contact, a takedown requires three. Until the head, a knee, torso etc makes contact with the mat; no takedown has occured yet.

Joseph Kasten white paddle,same reasons

19 FEB 19. Rules Question of the Day.

You are the JUDGE.  Red has secured a Merkel on Blue and is in a dominant position. The Referee offers R2. What is your call?

19 FEB 19

ANSWER: Article 39. White Paddle.  The Merkel does not meet takedown criteria as the Offensive wrestler is not behind the hips.

Joseph Kasten · white paddle for the same reasons

Joel Sturtevant White Paddle - The Merkel Position does not meet the criteria for a takedown. Red must be behind or on top of Blues hips with 3 points of contact to score a takedown.

18 FEB 19. Rules Question of the Day.

You are the CHAIRMAN.  Red just scored a takedown (R2).  Red is now on top working for a turn.  Blue is underneath and stands up establishing a standing position.  Red trips Blue forward back to the mat.  The Referee offers R2.  The Judge White Paddles the action.  What is your call?


ANSWER: Article 39 = R2. Takedown. If the offensive wrestler secures a takedown and the defensive wrestler, under his/her own power, stands up (establishes a standing position) and attempts to escape or turn to face the offensive wrestler and the offensive wrestler returns the defensive wrestler back to the mat; this could be another takedown. Within international styles of wrestling, a wrestler is either Standing or in Parterre.  “Neutral” is a specific folkstyle situation and does not apply to Freestyle & Greco-Roman