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22 APR 19. Rules Question of the Day. GRECO-ROMAN.

You are the REFEREE.  Red executes a throw and does not accompany Blue to the mat.  What is your call?


18 Apr 19. Rules Question of the Day.

Yes or No.  During a competition which has a formally designated video review and challenge process, a coach challenges an action.  During the video review, the Jury and Chairman review the action in question.  After the review and decision has been rendered, the coach states he wants to protest the bout as the Chairman was part of the review and assisted in reaching a decision.  He states the chairman should not have been involved.  Is this a protestable situation?

18 APR 19

ANSWER.  Article 32.  No.  The Refereeing Delegate (Jury) AND the Mat Chairman can review the video and render a decision. 

Richard Chamberlain · No, The chairman and head official or chairman and jury are involved in the review process.

Joel Sturtevant · No - The chairman and the jury of appeals are allowed to be involved in the review process.


17 APR 19. Rules Question of the Day.

You are the REFEREE.  In the standing position, Red initiates an attack, you see Red step into the protection area during the attack.  What should you do?  Interrupt the bout and award B1 or let the action continue allowing Red to complete the scoring action?

17 APR 19.

ANSWER:  Article 46. Wait for action to be completed

Joel Sturtevant   Point at the foot that steps out of bounds with the Left Hand (red) and allow the action to continue - Red is allowed to step into the protection area to score. If Red completes a scoring action award the appropriate points and restart in the center. If Red does not complete a scoring action, Award B1 and restart in the center.

16 APR 19. Rules Question of the Day. GRECO-ROMAN.

Yes or No.  During the first period, Red is the offensive wrestler and pushes Blue into the protection area.  The Referee gives Red an Attention for Offensive Pushing into the protection area.  Approximately 30 seconds later, near the edge, Red openly straight arm pushes Blue into the protection area.  Referee immediately offers Red Caution (O) and Blue two (2) points.  The Chairman confirms the call.  Is this correct?

16 APR 19

ANSWER: No.  Article 39.  A rule change for 2019, When a wrestler deliberately pushes his opponent into the protection area with no meaningful action he shall no longer be awarded 1 point (only verbal warning – Attention)..

Richard Chamberlain · In my opinion, this is negative wrestling and should be scored as such. Red has already been warned so the caution and two is correct.

Joel Sturtevant As I understand the rules this it not correct, offensive pushing would not warrant a caution and points, just restart the match in the center with no points being given to Red, and possibly a verbal warning or attention to blue for being in and staying in the passivity zone which allowed red the opportunity to commit the straight arm push. But if no other action happens in this bout why would we want the offensive/aggressive wrestlers lose just by committing a straight arm push. Red should not score from the push but neither should he be penalized, in my opinion.... Unless the following applies.... If the Referee and Chairman see this pushing action as a fleeing the hold and the push was made as an attempt to keep Blue from taking a good hold or attempting a scoring action, then it absolutely is a caution and two points 

15 APR 19. Rules Question of the Day.

You are the REFEREE.  The wrestlers are in parterre.  Red is on top and Blue is underneath. The action has taken both wrestlers to the edge.  Blue is lying across the boundary line, his chest, shoulders and head are in the protection area. What is your call?

15 APR 19

ANSWER: Article 46.  Out of Bounds. Stop the bout, restart standing.

Dennis Thorson · Your command is "BLUE PLACE". If "in", means haven't touched.