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Rules Question of the Day

Rules Question of the Day

Educational Materials for Mat Officials

Link to questions on rules for Greco and Freestyle Competitions
Short video clips that challenge your knowledge of Greco/Freestyle rules.
Video training session on the aspects of officiating
Clinics and training opportunities for USAW Officials
A handbook developed for the officials new to Greco and Freestyle officiating


13 July 2021

Hello Everyone.  13 July 2021 was our last “Video & Rule Question of the Day” for the 2021 season.  On behalf of Mr. Rick Tucci and the entire USWOA Executive Board, we would like to thank each of you for your support and participation in our “Video of the Day” and “Rules Question of the Day” series.  USWOA has endeavored to provide an educational forum for everyone to participate and learn from each other without the emotions or intensity of a competition setting.   Our “Video & Rule Question of the Day” series was developed for you, and your participation, analysis, and open dialogue has made this series a big success.  Each year our participation numbers grow.  Over the past five years, we have collectively analyzed 622 situational videos and 459 rules questions, over 65 countries participated, with over 1 million views.  That is truly awesome and a testament to your team effort.  Each of you are making a difference in our great sport. 

Again, on behalf of Mr. Tucci and the entire USWOA Executive board, Thank You and we’ll see you in 2022.

Tim Pierson

13 JUL 21. Rules Question of the Day.

You are working a tournament that is live streaming the action online.  During a Greco bout, the coach wants to challenge an action and requests the referee team to review the video.  Should this challenge be accepted?

13 JUL 2021. ANSWER

ANSWER.  Article 32.  No. Only competitions that have been formally designated with video control (review) and a formally established challenge process.  Online streaming is not a formal designation for video review and cannot be used to review contested actions. Tim Pierson

Richard Chamberlain · no. The coach can throw the brick or not but he can not request a review.


12 JUL 21. Rules Question of the Day.

True or False.  It is possible for the opposing coach to “counter-challenge” a challenge once a final decision has been made?

12 JUL 2021. ANSWER

ANSWER.  Article 32. False.  No. It is not possible to request a “counter challenge” once a final decision has been made. Additionally, the offending coach shall be awarded a yellow card for disrupting the bout. Tim Pierson

Richard Chamberlain · False, he can challenge something else but not a counter challenge on the same issue.

08 JUL 21. Rules Question of the Day.

Freestyle.  You are the REFEREE.  During the early part of the first period, Blue continually interlocks the fingers.  You have informally warned Blue multiple times.  At 1:03 into the period, Blue interlocks the finger again.  What is your call?

08 JUL 2021. ANSWER

ANSWER: Article 47. Stop the bout and give Blue a formal “Attention, no fingers”.   If it occurs again, Blue can be placed on a 30 second passivity period. Tim Pierson

07 JUL 21. Rules Question of the Day.

You are the REFEREE.  During a Greco-Roman bout, the wrestlers are in parterre; Blue is on top and Red is on the bottom.  Blue gains a reverse body lock and lifts Red.  While in the standing position, Red grabs Blues leg to prevent the throw.  You offer RO-B2 which the Chairman confirms.  Blue completes the throw.  What position do you restart the wrestlers.  Standing or Parterre?

07 JUL 2021. ANSWER

ANSWER: Article 29.  Parterre.  All lifts that start in parterre, where a foul occurs by the defensive wrestler in the process of being lifted and/or getting thrown shall restart in parterre. Tim Pierson

Richard Chamberlain · Standing.


06 JUL 21. Rules Question of the Day.

In Freestyle, both wrestlers are on the mat in parterre.  Red is on top of Blue.  Red secures a double arm bar and begins to sit out.  The referee blows the whistle, stopping the action.  Is the referee correct in stopping the bout?

06 JUL 2021. ANSWER

ANSWER:  Article 51. Yes.  Bringing the opponent’s arm(s) behind his/her back and at the same time applying pressure to it in a position where the forename forms and acute angle is an illegal hold.  This would be considered an offensive foul. Tim Pierson

Richard Chamberlain · yes, sitting out with a double arm bar is potentially dangerous and should be stopped immediately

05 JUL 21. Rules Question of the Day.

During a bout, Red causes an illegal action.  The referee team confirms the foul, however, the referee has not blown the whistle and Blue completes two gut wrenches.  Since the foul was confirmed by the referee team, are the B2-B2 still awarded?

05 JUL 2021. ANSWER

ANSWER.  Article 53.  Yes, only the whistle stops the action.  The points are awarded.  Tim Pierson

01 JUL 21. Rules Question of the Day.

You are the REFEREE.  Red is attacking and is the first to step into the protection area.  Red pauses, then completes a grand amplitude throw with Blue landing in danger.  What is your call?

01 JUL 2021. ANSWER

ANSWER.  Article 39. Point at the step out.  Since Red stepped into the protection area and he paused, the action was not continuous.  Red was required to use a secondary action to complete his throw.  Blue one (1) point.  Article 46. Point at the step out and let the action continue and reward the appropriate score. Tim Pierson

Walter "Geoff" Weichelt · B1

Richard Chamberlain · Red pauses and the action isn't continuous, point to the step out, offer B1.

30 JUN 21. Rules Question of the Day.

With 18 seconds remaining in the second period of a Freestyle bout, the Referee offers a fourth passivity call on Red. The Judge white paddles the call and the Chairman confirms the passivity, stops the bout, and awards Red a caution and Blue 1-point.  Is this procedure correct?

30 JUN 2021. ANSWER

ANSWER: Article 47. INCORRECT. All three members of the team must agree. Tim Pierson

Walter "Geoff" Weichelt · No. If less than 30 seconds all three members of the refereeing body must agree. If the judge had agreed the yes Caution and 1 negative wrestling (fleeing the hold)

Richard Chamberlain · Rule states that an Attention should be given and if the action persists, Caution and 1.

29 JUN 21. Rules Question of the Day. GRECO-ROMAN.

You are the REFEREE.  The wrestlers are in parterre on the edge.  Red is on top of Blue.  As Red begins to attempt a gut wrench, Blue purposely places his/her head on the mat in the protection area and prevents Red from completing the turn.  What is your call and what position do you restart the wrestlers?

29 JUN 2021. ANSWER

ANSWER: Article 50. Fleeing the Mat.  BO-R2. Restart in Parterre. Tim Pierson

Walter "Geoff" Weichelt · I would offer caution 2( 1 for FR and WW) if confirmed we would restart in parterre


28 JUN 21. Rules Question of the Day.

You are the JUDGE.  Red has secured a Merkel on Blue and is in a dominant position. The Referee offers R2. What is your call?

28 JUN 2021. ANSWER

ANSWER: Article 39. White Paddle.  The Merkel does not meet takedown criteria as the Offensive wrestler is not behind the hips.  Tim Pierson

Walter "Geoff" Weichelt · White Paddle. Unlike folkstyle Red must get the leg out and get behind the hips


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