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Rules Question of the Day

Rules Question of the Day

07 JUL 22. Rules Question of the Day.

You are the REFEREE.  Red is attacking and is the first to step into the protection area.  Red pauses, then completes a grand amplitude throw with Blue landing in danger.  What is your call?


ANSWER.  Article 38. Point at the step out.  Since Red stepped into the protection area and he paused, the action was not continuous.  Red was required to use a secondary action to complete his throw.  Blue one (1) point.  Article 46. Point at the step out and let the action continue and reward the appropriate score. Tim Pierson

Daryl Drew ·1 Blue 0 Red Blue gets a point for the step out. The action must be contincious(sp) if the attacking wrestler steps out first.

06 JUL 22. Rules Question of the Day.

With 18 seconds remaining in the second period of a Freestyle bout, the Referee offers a fourth passivity call on Red. The Judge white paddles the call and the Chairman confirms the passivity, stops the bout, and awards Red a caution and Blue 1-point.  Is this procedure correct?


ANSWER: Article 46. Correct.  A passivity period cannot be award with less than 30 second remaining in a period.  When there is less than 30 seconds remaining in either period, if the Chairman agrees a wrestler is passive, then his/her opponent is awarded one point and caution (i.e. Fleeing the Hold).  

Fleeing the Hold and 3rd Caution Procedure

For Fleeing the Hold at the end of the match or for a 3rd Caution to be granted, only the mat chairman must confirm with either the referee or judge for this to be valid. They will no longer require a unanimous agreement for these to be assessed. This will be consistent with all the other cautions given. Both situations can be reviewed if a challenge is issued.  Tim Pierson

Richard Chamberlain · No

Daryl Drew · The procedure is not correct. It is possible for acts that are deemed to be passive early on in a period, could be considered fleeing the hold if done later in a period, especially with short time on the clock (less than 30 seconds). If the referee wants to warn a wrestler for fleeing the hold, they should stop the match and offer a verbal “attention” to the wrestler at fault as well as to his or her coach. This way, the athletes, coaches, and fans will be able to differentiate when a wrestler is being called for passivity versus fleeing the hold.

05 JUL 22. Rules Question of the Day.

GRECO-ROMAN. You are the REFEREE.  The wrestlers are in parterre on the edge.  Red is on top of Blue.  As Red begins to attempt a gut wrench, Blue purposely places his/her head on the mat in the protection area and prevents Red from completing the turn.  What is your call and what position do you restart the wrestlers?


ANSWER: Article 49. Fleeing the Mat.  BO-R1. Restart in Parterre. Tim Pierson

Nate Lloyd · I would call blue caution, fleeing the mat, +1 for Red, restart in parterre.

04 JUL 22. Rules Question of the Day.

  You are the JUDGE.  Red has secured a Merkel on Blue and is in a dominant position. The Referee offers R2. What is your call?


ANSWER: Article 38. White Paddle.  The Merkel does not meet takedown criteria as the Offensive wrestler is not behind the hips.  Tim Pierson

Richard Chamberlain ·White paddle. Merkel is not a takedown.

30 JUN 22. Rules Question of the Day.

 True or False:  The Judge may abstain from voting on specific actions?


ANSWER: Articles 19 & 39. False. Under no circumstances may the judge abstain from voting. He/She must vote. Tim Pierson

Richard Chamberlain · False, he must vote


29 JUN 22. Rules Question of the Day.

FREESTYLE.  The bout is in the 1st period, score is 0 – 0.  Red has initiated a double leg takedown.  During the scramble for position, Red’s head comes up between Blue’s legs.  Red is still on his knees and he raises Blue off the mat.  While Blue is draped over Red, Blue secures a draping scissors hold.  Red does not score.  At the completion of the situation, the score is still 0 – 0.  What is your call?


ANSWER:  Article 51. In freestyle, a scissor-lock with feet crossed on the head, neck, or body is forbidden.  It is an illegal hold. Blue Caution, Red 1 point and restart the bout in parterre as that is where the foul occurred. Tim Pierson


28 JUN 22. Rules Question of the Day.

 You are the REFEREE.  While in parterre, Red is on top and is working for the turn. You see Red has a figure-four around the body of Blue.  What is your call? 


ANSWER:  Article 51. No it is prohibited.  Red loses position, restart standing. Tim Pierson
Richard Chamberlain · Tell Red to adjust, if he doesn't, stop the action and five Red an attention. If Red does it again, Caution and one.

27 JUN 22. Rules Question of the Day.

During a Greco-Roman bout, Blue commits his second defensive leg foul.  The Referee calls it and the Chairman confirm the foul and awards Blue caution and Red 2 points.  The Chairman stops the bout and announces Blue is disqualified due to second defensive leg foul.  Is this correct?


ANSWER:  Article 51.  The Chairman is correct.  In Greco-Roman wrestling, defensive wrestler commits a leg foul,

1st  offense: Caution + 2 points.

2nd  offense: Disqualification from the bout. Does not require all three referees to agree. Tim Pierson

Richard Chamberlain · Yes


23 JUN 22. Rules Question of the Day.

During a reviewable Greco-Roman bout, no challenges were requested by either coach. The bout ended 10-10.   Red has 4-2-O-4, and scored last.  Blue has 4-4-2. Blue was determined the winner based on criteria.  After the bout, Red’s coach wants to protest the bout due to the caution given to his wrestler.  Does he have a valid protest and should it be accepted.


ANSWER.  No.  Since this competition has video control and a formally established challenge process.  Red/Blue sponges will be utilized by the coach to challenge a call by the referee team. The challenge process is accomplished mat side by the Refereeing Delegate (Jury) and Mat Chairman.  Once the challenge reviews are final.  In this situation, the coach did not challenge the call, he cannot protest and the final results stands.  Tim Pierson

Richard Chamberlain · No, he can not protest.