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Rules Question of the Day

Rules Question of the Day

Educational Materials for Mat Officials

Link to questions on rules for Greco and Freestyle Competitions
Short video clips that challenge your knowledge of Greco/Freestyle rules.
Video training session on the aspects of officiating
Clinics and training opportunities for USAW Officials
A handbook developed for the officials new to Greco and Freestyle officiating


13 July 2021

Hello Everyone.  13 July 2021 was our last “Video & Rule Question of the Day” for the 2021 season.  On behalf of Mr. Rick Tucci and the entire USWOA Executive Board, we would like to thank each of you for your support and participation in our “Video of the Day” and “Rules Question of the Day” series.  USWOA has endeavored to provide an educational forum for everyone to participate and learn from each other without the emotions or intensity of a competition setting.   Our “Video & Rule Question of the Day” series was developed for you, and your participation, analysis, and open dialogue has made this series a big success.  Each year our participation numbers grow.  Over the past five years, we have collectively analyzed 622 situational videos and 459 rules questions, over 65 countries participated, with over 1 million views.  That is truly awesome and a testament to your team effort.  Each of you are making a difference in our great sport. 

Again, on behalf of Mr. Tucci and the entire USWOA Executive board, Thank You and we’ll see you in 2022.

Tim Pierson