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Rules Question of the Day

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Rules Question of the Day

09 APR 20. Rules Question of the Day. FREESTYLE.

You are the REFEREE.  Red starts a head and arm throw in bounds causing Blue to go into danger in the protection area.  Blue immediate counter-attacks rolling Red into danger.  What is your call?

08 APR 20. Rules Question of the Day. FREESTYLE.

You are the Referee.  Blue commits a foul in parterre.  As you begin to set the bottom wrestler flat on the mat, Blue’s coach stand and yells, “STOP, STOP, you have Blue in the wrong parterre starting position.  Blue is supposed to be in a table top position not flat on the mat.  The position you have Blue in is only for Greco”.  The coach states he is 100% correct.   What is your call?


ANSWER.  Instruct the coach not to approach the mat and to address his concerns with the Chairman.  The Chairman should inform the coach that this rule applies to both styles and then restart the bout. The parterre position is exactly the same for both Greco-Roman and Freestyle.  Professionalism is vitally important in this situation. 

Richard Chamberlain · Refer the coach to the chairman who will Hear the coaches comments. Explain to the coach that the parterre starting position is for both F/S and G/R. Upon the chairman finishing with the coach and telling me to proceed, put them in the correct parterre starting position and resume the match.


07 APR 20. Rules Question of the Day. GRECO-ROMAN.

You are the REFEREE.  The wrestlers are in parterre on the edge.  Red is on top of Blue.  As Red begins to attempt a gut wrench, Blue purposely places his/her head on the mat in the protection area and prevents Red from completing the turn.  What is your call and what position do you restart the wrestlers?



ANSWER: Article 50. Fleeing the Mat.  BO-R2. Restart in Parterre


Richard Chamberlain · Caution Blue fleeing R2 and back in parterre


06 APR 20. Rules Question of the Day. FREESTYLE.

Red has a six (6) points and Blue has zero (0).  Red executes a headlock and takes Blue from his feet into danger for four (4) points.  As they hit the mat, Blue immediately counterattacks (no pause) and rolls Red into danger for two (2) points. Should the bout be stopped and Red declared the winner by tech fall or should the bout continue?


ANSWER: Articles 19, 28 & 44. Let the action continue and once complete determine the result. In this example the score after the action in completed is Red ten (10) points and Blue two (2) points.  The action should continue as Technical Fall criteria has not been met.

DENNIS THORSON · Don't stop the match. R10, B2. In an unfortunate circumstance for R. B has the opportunity to pin R.


02 APR 20. Question of the Day.

You are working a tournament that is live streaming the action online.  During a Greco bout, the coach wants to challenge an action and requests the referee team to review the video.  Should this challenge be accepted?


ANSWER.  Article 32.  NO!  Only competitions that have been formally designated with video control (review) and a formally established challenge process.  Online streaming is not a formal designation for video review and cannot be used to review contested actions.

DENNIS THORSON No. Challenges can be accepted, but not reviewed by the "reffing team".


01 APR 20. Question of the Day.

True or False.  It is possible for the opposing coach to “counter-challenge” a challenge once a final decision has been made?


01 APR 20. ANSWER.

ANSWER.  Article 32. False.  It is “NOT” possible.  Additionally, the offending coach shall be awarded a yellow card for disrupting the bout.

Richard Chamberlain · False