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Rules Question of the Day

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Link to questions on rules for Greco and Freestyle Competitions
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Rules Question of the Day

02 JUL 20. Rules Question of the Day.

True or False.  In parterre, you should only give the offensive wrestler 10 seconds to score and then stop the bout and restart in the standing position. 


ANSWER: Article 45.  False.  There is no time limit.  After a “reasonable” period of time, if the offensive wrestler is unable to initiate an action, stop the bout and restart in a standing position.

01 JUL 20. Rules Question of the Day.

The wrestlers are near the edge.  Red steps into the protection area and the referee points at the step out.  The referee does not blow the whistle, holds up B1 and tells Red to work back to the center. Is this correct procedure?


ANSWER.  Article 29.   No.  Since Red stepped into the protection area and did not complete an attack, the referee should point at the step out, pause, then blow the whistle stopping the action.  Restart in the center of the mat.

Richard Chamberlain NO

DENNIS THORSON · No. When they go out of bound you should stop the clock and restart the match.

30 JUN 20. Rules Question of the Day.

You are the Chairman.  The Referee just offered a third caution on Blue.  The Judge white paddled the call.  You agree with the caution.  Can you disqualify Blue?


ANSWER: Article 30. No. A wrestler receiving 3 cautions during a match is disqualified.   The 3rd caution must be given unanimously by the refereeing body.

Richard Chamberlain · Yes.

29 JUN 20. Rules Question of the Day. FREESTYLE.

The score is R2-B3. With 13 seconds remaining in the bout, the referee team unanimously agrees and confirms Blue is passive.  The referee team awards R1.  The bout ends R3-B3. Red wins on criteria.  Blue’s coach throws in the brick challenging the passivity.  Is this an acceptable challenge?


ANSWER: Articles 32 & 47.  Yes, All three members of the referee team must agree and should the points determine the winner of the bout, the other wrestler may request a challenge.

Jarod Benrud · No! Can't challenge a passivity! Even if you could challenge, they waited far too long to challenge.

Richard Chamberlain · No. block should have been thrown when team agreed on passivity and the score went up on the board.