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27 JUN 19. Rules Question of the Day.

You are the CHAIRMAN.  During a bout, Red is executing a trapped arm gut wrench on Blue. During the gut wrench, Red pauses on his/her back. Then Red completes the turn. During the pause, the Referee observes Red’s shoulders in contact with the mat and signals for the fall. What is your call?

26 JUN 19.  Rules Question of the Day

True of False.  The Judge is required to confirm all passivity.

26 JUN 19.

ANSWER: Article 47.  False.  The Mat Chairman must confirm all passivity in both Freestyle and Greco-Roman. 

Coach Conway · False - Judge can always offer his opinion but cannot confirm passivity, caution, or fall. That being said, isn’t it best practice to hold up a passivity paddle if you agree with the whistle and the team is visually in agreement? Or is it better to not offer an opinion when the whistle asks for passivity and just stay out of it?

Walter "Geoff" Weichelt · Personally I feel it looks better when all three appear to be on the same page. That being said I wouldn't just follow, I always want to call my own match from the judges table.

Joel Sturtevant False - the chairman must confirm all passivity. Judge can offer passivity, and the chairman can confirm. But the chairman must confirm alL passivity calls

25 JUN 19. Rules Question of the Day. FREESTYLE.

Red attacks and has Blue in a Quadpod near the edge.  Blue pauses, then turns and places one hand and one foot in the protection area.  The referee team confirmed BO-R1 for Fleeing the Mat.  What position should the wrestlers be restarted?

25 JUN 19.

ANSWER.  Article 29.  Since there was no takedown awarded, Blue fled the mat in the standing position.  The wrestlers should be restarted in the standing position.

Richard Chamberlain · Standing per the description of Red attacking and Blue defending. A lot of good explanations below and as Joel said, Geoff nailed it.

Coach Conway · I think it depends on the action happening prior to Red going behind and attacking Blue's quad pod position. Control is not the determining factor, it is whether or not ground wrestling had been established or not. There is a great explanation and example in the rule book in the second bullet of page 9 of a similar situation with a front headlock. If ground wrestling had been established prior to the quadpod, then they'd start back in par terre. If ground wrestling HAD NOT been established they'd return to standing. 

Walter "Geoff" Weichelt · Standing My understanding of the quadpod; It is neither standing or parterre, but an extension of where the action came from. If we are standing and go to a quadpod we are still standing, (4pts are capable feet to danger). Once we have a takedown the quadpod becomes parterre. I.e. the bottom wrestler is defending a guy wrench with the quadpod we are in par terre (2pts for a turn).

Joel Sturtevant · ↑ Exactly ↑  Geoff was more eloquent but this is what I was trying to establish.... quadpod is the position that you came from to achieve it.

Joel Sturtevant · Most likely standing, as a quad pod is considered standing position. however, it is possible they would return parterre if the quad pod is a result of red lifting blue from parterre. By the wording red attacks I am thinking the wrestlers were standing so they return standing after the foul.

24 JUN 19. Rules Question of the Day.

No takedown has been scored.  The wrestlers are on the mat scrambling to score.  During the scramble, Blue commits an illegal action.  The referee points at the foul and signals caution.  When the action stops, the Referee team confirms BO-R1.  Since no takedown had occurred, what position do you restart the wrestlers?

24 JUN 19.

ANSWER.  PARTERRE.  Since the foul occurred in parterre positon, the action should restart in parterre.  A takedown or no takedown is irrelevant. If a foul occurs in the standing position, restart the action standing. Where did the foul occur?  That is position your return the wrestlers.

Joel Sturtevant · Restart where the foul occurred, if par terre has been established in the scramble when the foul occurred restart par terre. If the wrestlers were scrambling on the mat and then re established standing before the foul and the foul occurred standing, restart standing.

Walter "Geoff" Weichelt Restart "par terre" no takedown or control is necessary

20 JUN 19. Rules Question of the Day.

Red is on her back and appears to be pinned. The Referee is moving into position but does not see the fall.  When the Referee gets in a position to observe the pinning action (fall), Red is no longer pinned, but is still in danger. Can Blue’s coach challenge the “No Call” for the fall?

20 JUN 19.

ANSWER.  No.  A coach cannot challenge “For a Fall” or “Against a Fall”.  A coach can challenge the timing of a fall.  Was time still remaining on the clock before the fall, and for illegal attacks or counter-attacks that led to the fall. 

Joel Sturtevant · No - falls cannot be challenged ... I believe this was a question of the day earlier this year

Richard Chamberlain · no

19 JUN 19. Rules Question of the Day.

True or False.  It is not necessary to first give an attention for fleeing the hold before offering a caution & 1 point.

19 JUN 19.

ANSWER: Article 49.  False.  You must give an attention for fleeing the hold before offering a caution & 1 point.

18 JUN 19. Rules Question of the Day.

You are the REFEREE.  Red has completed a takedown and is on top in parterre. Red stops, stands and walks back to the center of the mat and attempts to resume the bout in standing.  What is your call?

18 JUN 19.

ANSWER:  Articles 27 & 45. Attention. Possible Fleeing the Hold

Walter "Geoff" Weichelt · Attention Red attempt to prevent red from getting off blue with Red Action or Red Attack

17 JUN 19. Rules Question of the Day.

True or False. In the ordered parterre starting position, when the whistle blow, the bottom wrestler can immediately stand up?  

17 JUN 19.

ANSWER:  False.  The bottom wrestler must remain down on the mat for a short period of time.