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01 JUN 2023. WOMEN’S FREESTYLE. You are the JURY. Referee team confirmed R2. Blue Challenged. What is your call?


ANSWER: “My Opinion” as the JURY, I would confirm B4-R2-R2.  Challenge Won.  Blue throws Red into danger.  While on the mat Red counter-attacks and holds Blue in danger.  Blue releases her lock and Red gains control of Blue.  Red then completes a gut wrench.  B4-R2-R2.  Tim Pierson

Daryl Drew · Also Red 1 for challenge lost Score Red 19-Blue 12

Daryl Drew · Blue attacks with a double-leg. Red applies front head lock which causes both wrestlers to come to a standing position. Blue lifts Red and tries a leg trip. Red never releases front headlock and forces a change of direction resulting in feet to back 4 points Red. Neither wrestler releases their hold. Blue exposes Red for 2 points. Red then comes out on top for 1 point reversal. Red 4 Red 1 Blue 2. Blue loses challenge.

Otje Siswanto · As the jury, I would confirm B4 R1 R2. Blue wins the challenge.

Richard Chamberlain · Blue attacks, Red back trips Blue taking Blue in a different direction, Blue breaks her lock. R2 and R2 for the turn later. Red wins the challenge and gets the brick back. Score is 17-10 with 36 seconds remaining.


31 MAY 2023. GRECO-ROMAN. You are the REFEREE. What is your call?


ANSWER: “My Opinion” as the REFEREE, I would offer R1.  Blue attacks and Red falls back into parterre.  Blue chases Red and attempt to jump/spin around Red.  During the scramble, Red counter-attacks and raises up.  While Red is rising up, Blue spins to defend, steps into the protection area and attempts to counter-attack back in bounds.  Cannot counter-from the protection area.  R1.  Tim Pierson

Daryl Drew · Blue attempts a correct throw but Red lands on his knees. Blue continues his attack and Red posts his right arm which results in exposure. Blue 2 .

Richard Chamberlain · In my opinion as the referee I'd offer B2. Red posts his hand back as he pivots across his buttocks.

Otje Siswanto ·As the referee, I would offer B2. Red is rolling on his shoulder.

30 MAY 2023. MEN’S FREESTYLE. You are the REFEREE. What is your call?


ANSWER: “My Opinion” as the REFEREE, I would offer B2.  Blue attacks and gets behind Red.  In the zone, Red goes down to a quad pod and steps out of bounds while under attack.  Blue continues his attack and Red put his head on the mat.   Takedown vice a step out for Blue.  B2. Tim Pierson

Daryl Drew · Must amend my call as referee. B1 RO B1 B1 for the step out B1 for fleeing the mat.

Daryl Drew ·Blue 1 for the step out. Red's right foot was clearly OUT before Red went to the quadpod position. No takedown

Otje Siswanto ·As the referee, I would offer B1.

Richard Chamberlain ·B1. Red made every attempt to stay in, Red stepped out and there was a delay before Red went into a quadpod. Not a continuous action. Score B1 stepout.

29 MAY 2023. WOMEN’S FREESTYLE. You are the CHAIRMAN. Referee offered R2. Judge offered B2-R1. What is your call?


ANSWER: “My Opinion” as the Chairman, I would confirm R2.  During the last scramble, Blue stands and get a chest lock on Red.  Red attacks and is able to lock both of Blue’s legs.  Blue sit on her but, goes to her back, pauses, then kicks attempting to turn Red.  Red never releases her lock. R2 Tim Pierson

Daryl Drew · As CHAIR, I confirm 2B-1R. Blue shot in on a single and Red defended to a neutral par terre position. Blue then reached over Red's shoulders and lifted Red expos her back. Then Red reversed for 1 Point. .

Otje Siswanto · As the mat chairman, I would confirm R2. Blue has no point because Red does not open her hold.