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2019 Question of the Day

Link to questions on rules for Greco and Freestyle competitions.

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2019 Video of the Day

The purpose of this page is to view and comment about wrestling situations as to how the rule(s) were applied and stimulate good conversation. You will only be able to comment on the current day's video.  You can view comments on the older videos but not write comments.  Comments will be viewed and reviewed by Tim Pierson, Zach Errett, and Casey Brennan Goessl,  USWOA Board Members and UWW Officials. 

21 FEB 19. FREESTYLE. You are the CHAIRMAN. Referee offered R1, Judge offered B2. What is your call?

21 FEB 19.

MY OPINION B1. As the Chairman, because I was given an R1 by the Referee and B2 by the Judge, I would call a quick conference.  I would explain Blue was attacking. He lifted Red in the central wrestling area and unsuccessfully tried to dump Red in the zone.  Blue continued his attack through the zone and Red stepped first into the protection area with his left foot followed by Blue.  When Blue stepped into the protection area, there was a re-establishment of position (quick pause-lift-change of direction).  After the lift, both of Blue’s feet enter the protection area, at this point the action should stop and a takedown is not possible. B1.

Joseph Kasten · referee in good position to see blue step out before throw.R1

20 FEB 19. GRECO-ROMAN. You are the CHAIRMAN. Referee offered no points, Judge offered R2. What is your call?

20 FEB 19

MY OPINION SLIP THROW.  As the Chairman, I would confirm Slip Throw, No Points, Re-start Standing.  During the situation, Red had a great hold (under-hook) yet did nothing with it except block out Blue.  Blue is able to get close enough to become chest-to-chest.  Blue then takes a risk, initiates an arm throw and completely turns his back to Red during the attempt. Blue is unsuccessful in the attack, slips off the arm/shoulder and goes straight to the mat in parterre without any counter-attack/counter-action from Red to cause Blue to go to parterre. Blue was completely vulnerable during the attempted throw.  I am rewarding Blue for the risk by not awarding two (2) unearned points to Red. Slip Throw, No Points.  Editorial note:  In order to encourage risk-taking during bouts, when a wrestler tries unsuccessfully to execute a hold and finds himself underneath in a "parterre" position without a move by his opponent, the wrestler above will not be awarded a technical point. The referee interrupts the bout and Wrestling restarts in standing position.  

Joseph Kasten · no points, slip throw

19 FEB 19. WOMEN’S FREESTYLE. You are the JURY. Referee team confirmed B1. Red challenged. What is your call?

19 FEB 19

MY OPINION B1-B1. As the Jury, I would confirm B1-B1.  Blue attacks taking the action to the edge.  As Blue continues to attack, Red enters the protection area. Although Blue was in Parterre, Red remained in the Standing position (B1).  Red loses the challenge (B1).  Editorial note: The value of a hold is always determined by the position of the attacked wrestler.

18 FEB 19. FREESTYLE. You are the REFEREE. What is your call?


ANSWER.  My opinion B2-R2.  As the Referee, I would offer B2-R2. Blue attacks with a crotch lift and successfully turns red (B2).  During the turn, Red counter-attacks by raising Blue’s left leg while Blue is in danger causing Blue to release his lock in order to escape the “in-danger” situation (R2).