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19 MAY 22. MEN’S FREESTYLE. You are the JURY. Referee team confirmed B4. Red challenged. What is your call?


ANSWER: “My Opinion” as the JURY, I would confirm B4+B1. Challenge Lost. Blue attacks with a single leg and forcefully drive forward. As Blue is driving Red backwards, Red is able to get a chest lock.  Blue drives Red from his feet into danger.  The speed and momentum of Blue’s attack caused Blue to continue over the top.  It was not due to a counter-attack by Red.  Blue retained his lock during the attack.  No points for Red. Red loses the challenge.  Tim Pierson

Richard Chamberlain · jury confirms B4, B1 for loss of challenge, Tech Fall.

18 MAY 22. WOMEN’S WRESTLING. You are the REFEREE. What is your call?


ANSWER.  “My Opinion” as the REFEREE, I would offer No Points.  Red is pressing the action thru the zone towards the protection area.  Blue drops down to her knees and enters the protection area.  As Red initiates an action, Blue Counter-attacks by shucking Red by causing her to go into the protection area.  Once Blue entered the protection area, she cannot counter-attack.  No Points as Blue was out of bounds, restart standing.   Tim Pierson

Richard Chamberlain · R1

17 MAY 22. GRECO-ROMAN. You are the REFEREE. What is your call?


ANSWER. “My Opinion” as the Referee, I would offer R2.  Blue initiates a body-lock. As Blue is trying to bend Red towards his own back, Red counter-attacks Blue with lateral-drop, changing the direction of the attack, and completes the action. ((R2)).  Tim Pierson

Richard Chamberlain · B4, R1


16 MAY 22. MEN’S FREESTYLE. You are the CHAIRMAN. Referee offered R1, Judge offered B2. What is your call?


ANSWER.  “My Opinion” as the Chairman, I would call a quick conference – B1.  I would explain Blue was attacking. He lifted Red in the central wrestling area and unsuccessfully tried to dump Red in the zone.  Blue continued his attack through the zone and Red stepped first into the protection area with his left foot followed by Blue.  When Blue stepped into the protection area, there was a re-establishment of position (quick pause-lift-change of direction).  After the lift, both of Blue’s feet enter the protection area, at this point the action should stop and a takedown is not possible. ((B1)). Tim Pierson

Richard Chamberlain · I'd confirm R1. Blue stepped out in the attempt to complete his throw but Blue has to relift Red again in order to complete the throw. Not continuous.