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25 FEB 21. WOMEN’S WRESTLING. You are the JURY. Referee team confirmed B4-R2. Red challenged. What is your call?


ANSWER: “My Opinion” as the JURY, I would confirm White Paddle-No Points. Red attacks and gets a single leg.  Blue locks Red and attempts to throw Red back over her right shoulder.  Red lands on her head, but is able to maintain body control and not go into danger.  No points.  Both wrestlers immediately face each other and Blue attack with a fireman’s carry.  Red is able to defend the attack by interlocking her left leg inside of Blue’s right leg and secures a far-side cradle.  Blue is still up, off the mat.  No points. Red wins the challenge, return the block.  Tim Pierson.

Laura Lopez-Cepero · R2 and Red keeps the block, only because Blue landed right on her back so there has got to be points there. Right? Towards the end after a brief separation, Red looks like she is in a Merkle so I wouldn't count that as a takedown.

24 FEB 21. FREESTYLE. You are the REFEREE. What is your call?


ANSWER: “My Opinion” as the REFEREE, I would offer B4.  Blue attacks with a single-leg and continues his attack to the zone.  As they reach the Zone, Red attempts to stand, chest lock Blue and attempt to throw Blue.  As Red begins his action, he does not change the direction of Blue’s attack and went straight into danger.  Also, Red used Blue’s momentum to continue and kick Blue over.  During the kick over, Blue’s hips did not open, which is an indicator of a changed direction nor did he release his lock until he hit the sign on the edge of the mat.  Once Red’s back hit the mat in the protection area, the action stops as no counter-attack is possible from the protection area. Tim Pierson.

Joel Sturtevant · Personally I am going to offer B4 here... I could also see a Judge offering B2 and that getting confirmed, but Blue is attacking... Blue is driving red towards the protection area... Red only attempts this bailout roll because he is stepping out or getting taken down to his back otherwise. Blue Maintained his hold on the leg with his right hand..

Although for Pats sake I wish he had changed direction when he planted

23 FEB 21. GRECO-ROMAN. You are the CHAIRMAN. Referee offered R2, Judge offered R4. What is your call?


ANSWER. “My Opinion” as the Chairman, I would confirm R4.  Red is able to get behind Blue.  Blue is in a Quadpod and is still in the standing position.  Red slightly lifts and throw Blue from the Quadpod into danger.  Blue was not in parterre as neither his knees nor head touched the mat prior to the throw.  Feet to Danger ((R4)).  Tim Pierson

Joel Sturtevant · I see it that Blue returns to stnading position under his own power, several times infact.... and he attains a quadpod (in an attempt to prevent giving up a takedown) so we are standing.... then Red turns blue into danger with Blues Back touching the mat.

Feet to Danger - R4

Laura Lopez-Cepero · R2, ground wrestling had already been established when Blue was on his knees defending the front headlock. Ground wrestling continued when he transitioned to the quadpod even though there were no takedown points yet. So ground, not feet, to exposure would be R2.

22 FEB 21. WOMEN'S WRESTLING - You are the CHAIRMAN. Referee offered R1. Judge offered B4. What is your call?


ANSWER: “My Opinion” as the CHAIRMAN, I would confirm B4.  As the wrestlers get near the zone, Red initiates an attack.  Blue immediately counter-attacks by stepping back and throwing Red (hip toss) into danger in the protection area.  Although Blue stepped into the protection area, the action began in bounds and the step was continuation of the throw.  Tim Pierson

Laura Lopez-Cepero · B4, I'd want to award the offensive wrestler. Also, I feel the step-out was the same motion as the throw and should be allowed to finish.