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2018 Question of the Day

Link to questions on rules for Greco and Freestyle competitions.

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The Art of Refereeing

A handbook developed for the official new to Greco and Freestyle officiating.

2018 Video of the Day

The purpose of this page is to view and comment about wrestling situations as to how the rule(s) were applied and stimulate good conversation. You will only be able to comment on the current day's video.  You can view comments on the older videos but not write comments.  Comments will be viewed and reviewed by Tim Pierson, Zach Errett, and Casey Brennan Goessl.  USWOA Board Members and UWW Officials. 

24 APR 18. GRECO-ROMAN. You are the CHAIRMAN. Referee offered Slip Throw, Judge offered B2. What is your call?

23 APR 18. WOMENS FREESTYLE. You are the JURY. Referee team confirmed R4-B1. Blue challenged. What is your call?

23 APR 18 Video Answer.

ANSWER: My opinion B4-R2-B1, Blue wins the challenge.  As the Jury, I would confirm B4-R2-B1.  As Blue attacks with a double leg, Red begins a counter-attack and drops flat on her back.  While Red is in the danger position with Blue on top, Red kicks Blue over the top.  This action caused Blue to quickly release her right lock. Blue immediately re-attacks and completes the reversal.  The key evaluation indicator for me is Red essentially fell flat on her back under attack and then there was a secondary (although very quick) counter-action from parterre = B4-R2-B1.
HOWEVER, if you feel when Blue attacked, Red stopped the attack, locked and threw Blue into danger, and the action was continuous then R4-B1-R1, Blue loses the challenge would be an appropriate call.   Tim Pierson


23 APR 18 Video Responses

 Richard Chamberlain R4-B1 Confirmed. Red stopped Blue's attack and changed the direction of the throw.

Richard Skroch, Jr B4


22 APR 18. GRECO-ROMAN. You are the JUDGE. Referee offered B4. What is your call?

22 APR 18 Video Responses

ANSWER.  My opinion B5.  As the Judge, I would offer B5.  Blue body locks Red and throws over the top in a broad sweeping arc directly into danger. I also take into consideration these wrestlers are 85kg (185 lbs).  It takes a lot of effort and risk to attempt such a throw.  Tim Pierson

22 APR 18 Video Responses

Richard Chamberlain · B4, call for medic. Chairman will start injury time when medic arrives to treat Red

DENNIS THORSON B5 Start injury time on R

21 APR 18. MENS FREESTYLE. You are the REFEREE. What is your call?

21 APR 18 Video Answer

ANSWER. My opinion R2.  As the Referee, I would offer R2.  Blue attacks with a double leg attempt.  Red stops Blues attack.  Then with a chest lock, counter-attacks, changing the direction of Blue’s initial attack which caused Blue to land in danger.  I’m only calling R2 as Blue’s left knee was on the mat (in parterre) when Red began the counter-attack. No points for Blue as he was completely in the e protection area when he re-attacked Red. A wrestler cannot counter-attack from the protection area.  Tim Pierson.

21 APR 18 Video Responses

Richard Skroch, Jr · R4