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2018 Question of the Day

Link to questions on rules for Greco and Freestyle competitions.

Officials Education Program (OEP)

Clinics and training opportunities for USAW Officials

The Art of Refereeing

A handbook developed for the official new to Greco and Freestyle officiating.

2018 Video of the Day

The purpose of this page is to view and comment about wrestling situations as to how the rule(s) were applied and stimulate good conversation. You will only be able to comment on the current day's video.  You can view comments on the older videos but not write comments.  Comments will be viewed and reviewed by Tim Pierson, Zach Errett, and Casey Brennan Goessl.  USWOA Board Members and UWW Officials. 

15 JUN 18. GRECO-ROMAN. You are the REFEREE. What is your call?

15 JUN 18. Video. Answer

ANSWER. My Opinion R1. As Referee, I would not offer points for the throw and R1 for going into the protection area. Red did not meet Correct throw criteria (landing “Flat” on the hip or stomach) as Blue landed on his hands and knees. I would offer R1 (Step Out) as Blue was thrown into the protection area. Tim Pierson


15 JUN 18. Video. Responses

Richard Chamberlain R1, red counters blue's throw, changing the direction with blue landing in the protection area.

Joel Sturtevant · R1 - Blue starts and attack to take red to his back with a bear hug, red counter attacks and changes the direction by throwing blue. But through great defense does not land in danger and lands on his knees. By maintain the ability to land on his knees there is no correct throw awarded. Blue is the first to land in the protection area - R1 

Great wrestling!

14 JUN 18. WOMENS FREESTYLE. You are the JUDGE. Referee offered R2. What is your call?

14 JUN 18. Video. Answer

ANSWER.  My opinion R2.  As the Judge, I would offer R2. Red attacks and during the conduct of the attack, Blue gets dropped on her butt and posts her right hand back to prevent going into danger. Thus Red completes the takedown. Tim Pierson