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2018 Question of the Day

Link to questions on rules for Greco and Freestyle competitions.

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Clinics and training opportunities for USAW Officials

The Art of Refereeing

A handbook developed for the official new to Greco and Freestyle officiating.

2018 Video of the Day

The purpose of this page is to view and comment about wrestling situations as to how the rule(s) were applied and stimulate good conversation. You will only be able to comment on the current day's video.  You can view comments on the older videos but not write comments.  Comments will be viewed and reviewed by Tim Pierson, Zach Errett, and Casey Brennan Goessl.  USWOA Board Members and UWW Officials. 

11 JUL 2018

Good Morning Everyone.

10 July 2018 was our last video and rules question session for this year.  On behalf of Rick Tucci and the entire USWOA staff, we would like to thank each of you for your support and participation in our daily “What is your call” video and “Rules Question” sessions. 

Our daily sessions began on 12 February and it has been quite an educational journey.  We analyzed and discussed 123 situational videos and rules questions, and had over 294,000 views on our USWOA webpage and Facebook pages.  The goal of this forum was not to determine who was right or wrong, but rather “why” you made the call. 

Your analysis and open dialogue was impressive and educational. We may not have always agreed with the scoring solutions, and that's ok, as many of our situations potentially had more than one solution.  We hope our daily sessions were as much of a benefit for you as they were for us.

We are planning to resume our daily “You make the call” video and rules question sessions again in February 2019. 

We wish each of you the very best refereeing has to offer and again Thank You.

Tim Pierson

10 JUL 18. Freestyle. You are the CHAIRMAN. Referee offered R2-B2, Judge offered R2-B1. What is your call?

10 JUL 18. Video. Answer

ANSWER: My opinion R2-B2.  As the Chairman, I would confirm R2-B2.  Red initiates and arm throw.  It does not score, however it does meet Correct Throw criteria (landing flat on a hip or stomach).  Blue lands flat on his right hip.  After the correct throw, Red stands back up and is subsequently taken down by Red.  Tim Pierson


10 JUL 18. Video. Response

Richard Chamberlain · R2B2, Red relinquished his hold and only held a wrist. Blue gets a takedown, no reversal.