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Instructions for Booking Flights for USWOA Assignment

(Fargo assignments are not paid travel)

  1. Go to www.shortstravel/USAWrestling
    1. If you had a profile created in the previous travel system, Cain, and you are logging in for the first time on Shorts, you will use your email from Cain and Password1 to log in.
    2. The system will prompt you to change your password.
    3. If you did not have a profile in the old travel system you would click on New User and fill out the information. Your profile will be confirmed by USA Wrestling staff within 24 hours and you will be able to log in with your email and the password you created.
  2.  Once you are logged into Shorts Travel you will be able to search for flights. You DO NOT need to select a hotel.
  3. Once you have selected your flight you will select EVENTS for the department. DO NOT SELECT OFFICIALS. IF YOU DO YOUR FLIGHT WILL NOT GET BOOKED. Put in the purpose for the flight. Example – Head official at West Region.
  4. Once you have entered that information you will click on Purchase. This will send the flight to the USA Wrestling office to be approved. 

Vegas 2019

Vegas 2019

Akron 2019

14U SB Duals 2019

2019 Pairing Committee

Pairing Officials Data Policies and Procedures  
Chair:  Sue Hesser    Chair:  Sue Hesser    
Sherry Bullard Karen Ebel Debbi Kallai Paul Defosse  
Dawn Haase   Renee Schoettle    
Examaination  (testing) Clinic and Computer  
Chair:LeeAnn Johnson    Chair:  Debbie Kelly    
Geni Johnshoy Kala Spurley Janie Tuma Ed Bernshausen  
Jean Whetstone   Darcie Larrieu    


Chair:  Carrie Learn Chair:  De Heyman    
Pat Babi Annette VanHouton

Ginger Lile

Paul Defosse Sue Hesser  
Karen Ebel Jill Thorson Jean Whetstone Debbi Kallai Ed Gould
Brenda Coons Houser   Monica Schommer Debbie Kelly Kelli Shuffler
    Jeff Jones Sherry Bullard Pat Pabi
    Yvonne Hady Mark Bullington  
NEW: Pairing OEP        
Chair:  Sherry Bullard        
Jeff Jones De Heyman      
Monica Schommer    



Contact De, Sue, or LeeAnn, if you have something to publiish

De: National Pairing Director

Sue: USWOA Pairing At Large

LeeAnn USWOA Pairing At Large

P3 Test is ready on the Pairing Forms page.  Use the 2014 rule book for answers.  Being revised.