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Award-Upgrade Recipients

Rick Tucci, Official of the Year Award

To the individual who in the previous year has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities at the state, regional, national and international levels;  has demonstrated a high degree of knowledge and skills in the area of mat officiating or pairings and has contributed to the development of officials within the organization.

Jason Babi, CO 2019

Jason Babi, CO 2019

Rod Cozetto, CO 2018

De Heyman, FL 2017

Dave Errett Award

(Formally the Phil Portuese Award)

To an individual who has gone above and beyond the normal to teach to the art of officiating.  Presented in recognition of outstanding leadership and contributions in the training of new officials and the development of young athletes.

Tim Pierson, VA 2019

Tod Blank, CA 2018

Tom Clark, IN 2017

Zach Errett Award

(Formally the Glen Blackman Award)

Presented to the new official who is working to improve and for recognition of outstanding accomplishments as a mat official and contributions to USA Wrestling.

Susanna Sylstad, WA 2019

Nick Mancini, OH 2018

NaHumma, AZ 2017

Alice Riggle Award

(Formally the Ivan Olson Award)
(Volunteer Pairer of the Year)
Presented to a pairer who has dedicated years of service at the local, state, national levels and in recognition of their dedication and contributions to the field of pairings and to USA Wrestling.

Mark Bullingon, IL 2019

Lee Ann Johnson, WA

Renee Schoettle, IN 2017

Bernie Norris Memorial Award

(Pairing Master of the Year)

Selected each year by the Pairings Advisory Board in recognition of outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the field of pairings and to USA Wrestling.

Sherry Bullard, WA 2019

Jeff Jones, WI

Debbie Kallai, OH 2017

Bill Stecklein Award

(Formally the Mort Geller Award)

To an individual who has demonstrated outstanding officiating skills on the International level and who is recognized as an outstanding clinician on the national level. The recipient will have contributed to the development of the USWOA's UWW mat officials.This individual will be considered a "mentor to the mentors"

Sam Julian, PA 2019

Tim Pierson, VA 2018 Being Presented by Mike Swisher

Mike Swisher, VA 2017

Dick Riggle Memorial Award

Cadet Nationals Outstanding Official

Awarded to the official who had an outstanding tournament at the Cadet National Tournament

M.T. Ayers, WA 2019

M.T. Ayers, WA 2019

Jim Woolnough, TX 2018

Nolan Meadors, GA 2017

Tom Clark Award

Awarded to the official who had an outstanding tournament at the Cadet/Junior Greco Tournament

Mark Anderson, KA 2019

David Pelsang, NC 2018

Brock Zollinger, ID 2017

Santos Cageao Award

Awarded to the official who had an outstanding tournament at the Cadet/Junior Freestyle Tournament

Fan Zhang, CA 2019

Rick Schwab, MO

Jim Diehl, VA 2017

Toska Adams Award

Outstanding Official In a Women's Wrestling Event

Brian Davis, FL 2019

Cindi Mosconi, IN 2018

2019 U 14 Duals Award

Hesser Family Outstanding Official Award

Ryan Green, PA 2019

2019 U16 Dual Outstanding Official Awards

Toby Tobiasson, Greco Award
Mo Babi,  Freestyle Award

John J. Heyman, FL 2019 (Toby Tobiasson Greco Award)

Toby Tobiasson, UT 2019. (Mo Babi Freestyle Award)

2019 Junior Duals Awards

Cliff Buerke, Belinda Brown, Bobby Walton Awards

Cliff Ramos, IL (Cliff Buerke-Outstanding Greco Official

Rob Crowe, MN (Belinda Brown Outstanding Women's Official)

Robyn Vanhouten, MI (Bobby Walton Outstanding Freestyle Official)

Lifetime Achievement Awards

Awarded to USWOA members who have given significantly to the betterment of amateur wrestling.

Roy Scott, NY

M.T. Ayers, WA

Mark Anderson, KS

Marcia Gould, NY

Micheal Jordan, DE

2020 Lifetime Achievement Awards

Mark Bullingtion, IL

Paul Kieblesz, NY

Debbie Kelly, ID

Rob Wiggs

Jim Toyota, AZ

Robert Wood, VA

Glenn Goessl, WI

Joe Silvestri, PA

Janice Stinson, LA

Tom Kuisle, MN 2019

Pat Babi, CO 2019

2019 Lifetime Achievement Awards

Frank Gamma, CA 2019

Fidel Albelo, FL 2019

Linda Kuisle, MN 2019

Jay Terry, WA 2019

Ashlee Sherman, CA

Sherry Bullard, WA

2018 Lifetime Achievement Awards

Bill Harper, MO

John Welch, NJ

Jerry Kuntz, OK

Jean Whetstone,,IN

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