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Where am I going to officiate this year?

Tournament Sign Up Info

The process for signing up for domestic tournaments has changed. Please carefully read ALL the instructions.
It is now part of your USAW Membership Profile
You may want to open USAW EVENTS SCHEDULE so that you can enter the exact name of the tournament you wish to sign up for in the membership system.
If you plan on signing up for National tournaments the SAFE SPORT certification must be completed IN your membership profile.

Fargo UWW Clinic Information

There will be a UWW clinic.  It will all day on Thursday and Friday.  Then the USWOA clinic, for those not going for a UWW license or upgrade, would only have to attend the Friday night clinic, 6:30-8:00 pm.  That Friday night would be for everyone including those attending the UWW course.

Questions ?????  Email:  Zach Errett 

Travel Arrangements for Assigned Officials and OEP Participants

If you are assigned to a tournament by the USWOA you must use Cain Travel to book any airline tickets you may need. Do not contact Cain travel for assistance, it will add significant cost to the tickets.  Contact Derek Sikora or Alexa Lidde at USAW if you need help.  

  • Create a profile (if you don't already have an account) with Cain Travel,  log-in and register for a flight(s).
  • Complete your profile/bio information once in Cain Travel.
  • Choose your flights using the DEEM app inside the Cain Travel website.
  • When finished put or flights "ON HOLD" and click continue through the next couple of pages until the request has been completed.  A request will be sent to USAW to pay for the tickets.  Normally you will be notified within 48 hours that the process has been completed. You should also send an email to Derek or Alexa alerting them you have requested tickets though Cain Travel.

Know this BEFORE you signup for a tournament

Mat and Pairing officials,
Several members of the USWOA Board of Directors, USAW Staff and State Directors worked very hard on developing a policy of making sure that all working officials get housing and a stipend for national level tournaments.  It is a good policy but it has some stipulations.

#1 You must work the all the sessions of the tournament.  Yes, we realize the are some exceptions because of personal commitments but it is your responsibility to notify the head official for that tournament.  It also not a way for coach/officials to ref a few matches, spend most of the time coaching to expect a room and a share of the stipend.

#2 If you sign up for a tournament, the LOC makes room arrangements for you and you are a "no show"  you can expect to be sanctioned and not receive a room a tournaments in the future.  Yes, we again know that their can be extenuating circumstances but it is the officials responsibility to notify the head official of your change of plans.  This is to prevent the LOC from getting stuck with the expense of unused rooms.  This is a simple being courteous and good practice.

What if a tournament is CLOSED !!!!!

If you wish officiate at a tournament and it is marked CLOSED that means the information has been sent to the tournament managers so that they can prepare for the tournament.  If your plans change so that you can not attend or you still wish to go to the tournament, contact the USWOA Office to make changes to your registration for the closed tournament.  Derek Sikora