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Where am I going to officiate this year?

Instructions for Officials Tournament Sign Up

Link for Signup instructions in the USAW Membership System

Signing up for the "High School National Recruiting Showcase" Tournaments must be done through the tournament directors NOT THE USAW  MEMBERSHIP SYSTEM.

Read below before signing up

2021 Regional and National Tournament Sign up Changes

Events are slowly being populated on the USAW membership sign up site.  BE PATIENT.  This assigning of officials for 2021 is for Freestyle/Greco competitions only.  Contact the HEAD OFFICIALS to be considered for officiating Folkstyle events. Because of Covid the posting of tournaments will not go without change, stay diligent and check the membership system often.
In order to comply with COVID safety protocols and social distancing requirements, we will be restricted on the total number of officials that will be allowed to support each tournament. The total number of officials allowed to support will vary from tournament to tournament.  How will this restriction affect our overall tournament support?  That is a question that’s on all of our minds.  These restrictions not only apply to our regional and national tournament support but how we conduct our Officials Education Program (OEP) and our daily tournament referee clinics. 
With that said, I have formed a regional /national tournament selection committee consisting of Tim Pierson, Casey Brennan-Goessl, Sam Julian, Nick Kindred, and Tom Kuisle.  This committee will select referees to support a regional or national tournament from the membership system sign-up roster.  Our goal is to ensure our membership is afforded fair, impartial, and equal opportunities to referee.   Additionally, we remain committed to ensuring our organization remains flexible on category requirements and will be looking to amend our promotional requirements for 2021.      
Within the membership system, you will be allowed to sign up for a regional or national tournament.  Signing up for a regional or national tournament does not constitute authorization to attend the tournament, rather it is a notification of your availability.  Prior to the tournament, the selection committee will meet and choose the referees to help support the tournament.  Once selected, the referee will be notified and he or she can begin making travel arrangements.  Again, do not make any travel arrangements until you have been notified of your selection.
These changes are hopefully for the 2021 season only. We are embarking on a journey into unchartered territory. Times have changed and we must overcome, adapt and be flexible in how we do things.  I am asking for your patience and support as we all prepare for the uncertainty that lay ahead of us.  Your support will ensure our success.
Thank you
Rick Tucci

Travel Arrangements for Assigned Officials and OEP Participants

All travel arrangements must now be made through the USAW National Office.
Please contact Christina Hargrove.

Know this BEFORE you signup for a tournament

Mat and Pairing officials,
Several members of the USWOA Board of Directors, USAW Staff and State Directors worked very hard on developing a policy of making sure that all working officials get housing and a stipend for national level tournaments.  It is a good policy but it has some stipulations.

#1 You must work the all the sessions of the tournament.  Yes, we realize the are some exceptions because of personal commitments but it is your responsibility to notify the head official for that tournament.  It also not a way for coach/officials to ref a few matches, spend most of the time coaching to expect a room and a share of the stipend.

#2 If you sign up for a tournament, the LOC makes room arrangements for you and you are a "no show"  you can expect to be sanctioned and not receive a room a tournaments in the future.  Yes, we again know that their can be extenuating circumstances but it is the officials responsibility to notify the head official of your change of plans.  This is to prevent the LOC from getting stuck with the expense of unused rooms.  This is a simple being courteous and good practice.

Officials Traveling with Children Under 18!

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