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USAW Rule Modifications

USAW Greco-Freestyle Rule Book with Video Challenge Procedures

This is the most up-to-date rules document on the planet.  We recommend you put a link to it on your electronic device for quick updated info.  This rule book can be printed for easy reference however, hyperlinks within the electronic version of the rulebook to videos assist in the explanation of the rules and rule changes.

USAW Dual Meet Competition Rules.  
Appendix C, Line 28 of the above rulebook

Gr-FR Rules PowerPoint:  
This link provides you with a visual definition of the Freestyle and Greco rules.  Clicking on the link will download the PowerPoint to your computer.  You will need Microsoft Powerpoint installed to view the presentation.

USAW Folkstyle Rules Addendum With Video Challenge Procedures adapted to Folkstyle
Item 25 of the above rulebook

The NFHS (National Federation of High School) rulebook governs Folkstyle competitions with the modifications listed in the above link. If you are looking for that rulebook it may be purchased on the NFHS website. USAW has no jurisdiction in that organization. 




Ask The Ref

This link is for officials, coaches, and athletes to submit rules questions to Category I USWOA officials. Remember this is just one more point of view that is offered depending on the description of the action or rule interpretation. It is not an attempt to "second guess" the officials on the mat.  He/She may have had a completely different angle of view and perspective of the action.  We also invite the writer to submit short video clips of just the action in question either by attaching to this email account or by submitting a link to a YouTube video.   We are especially interested in "Kid" wrestling situations.      

CLICK HERE  to email a question to Ask The Ref