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Tom Clark, Inductee to the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

The USWOA website

If you notice something that is not working properly on the USWOA website or the information on the site is wrong please send a note to Tom Kuisle.    

Memorials to past USWOA members.

USWOA Policies and Procedure Updates 9/2021

USWOA Members:
This is a link to the updated Policies and Procedures that govern the USWOA Mat and Pairing officials.  Please read and review. If you have corrections please email those changes to Sue Hesser 
as soon as possible. It is now up to date until next summer.  Remember that any changes to Part C which are approved by the board next month go into effect immediately, but you don't put them in the document until they are ratified next summer by the membership.

The USWOA Supports USAW's Statement on Social Justice

The U.S. Wrestling Officials Association is an active part of USA Wrestling, representing its referees and pairing officials. As a unified group, the USWOA endorses and supports the USA Wrestling statement on social justice. In our role as officials within USA Wrestling, we are committed to taking action that will make a positive impact in our society and within wrestling.

USA Wrestling statement on social justice.

Social injustice is wrong and contrary to the inclusive nature of wrestling. USA Wrestling’s mission is to provide quality opportunities for its members to achieve their full athletic and human potential. Recent tragedies in our nation compel us to do more and do it better. We stand with our African American and black communities and all of the diverse people who are part of our sport. We will focus our actions on how we can drive change against unjust treatment, police brutality, and systematic racism that is plaguing our nation and world. We need to come together now and use our voice, platform, and actions to help create the kind of society that reflects our values. By its nature, wrestling can be the most inclusive sport on earth. Anyone can wrestle and everyone is welcome. When we hit the mat, we are all part of one wrestling family.

With Solidarity,
The USWOA Board of Directors


Vision: High-Level Officials Organization

Mission:  USWOA will strive to be a top-level organization by providing resources, tools, and services that develop high performing mat and pairing officials.

Areas of Focus:  Education, Recruitment and Retention, Evaluations and Upgrades/Downgrades

See the full Strategic Plan document on the link below

Social Media

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