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UWW Uniform and Credentials Changes

03/08/2016, 2:15pm MST
By Same Julian, USWOA Board of Directors

2016 Uniform and Credential Changes for UWW Officials

Below you will find the letter that was sent to all UWW officials regarding the new uniform which will be an obligation to wear at UWW events. It is important for the officials to know prior to going on an international assignment they should have their QR code. The neutral referee at each event will scan this code to make sure each official has paid their yearly dues. In the near future we will be receiving a plastic card as well. Each official should also take their license book with them along with their permission letter from De Heyman (USWOA Office) to participate in each event.

Subject: New Referee Uniform for 2016

To: National Federations and United World Wrestling Referees

Dear all,

During the Bureau Meeting of January 2015, it was confirmed that a new referee uniform would be designed and introduced for all United World Wrestling Referees.

The objective of this uniform was to add consistency, sport function and to modernize the look and feel of wrestling’s sport presentation.

After a successful introduction of the referee uniforms at the World Championships in Las Vegas, it was recommended that we make this style the standard for all referees under United World Wrestling.

Since then we have partnered with Team Sport, an apparel supplier that has created a dedicated United World Wrestling Referee web portal that has customized the referees look. This solution provides an easy to access and cost effective solution that will centralize the referee uniform process.

Understand that this UWW uniform is obligatory in order to referee at a UWW sanctioned competition. There will be no exceptions and checks will be carried out at the beginning of each competition to guarantee consistency. It is not acceptable to make your own as a substitute.

Each uniform will be linked to a UWW referee license number in order to authenticate the validity of the order. This prevents invalid orders from outside officials that do not have a UWW referee license.

 Important: We urge all National Federations and referees once they have received this message to purchase the new uniform as soon as possible.

To purchase a UWW referee uniform follow this link: 

For any questions regarding the uniform, please contact & questionsregarding the web portal, please contact .

Please note that the pants and shoes of the referee uniform will remain consistent with the previous uniform

protocol which consists of dark grey trousers and black shoes.

Best regards,

Nenad Lalovic,

President, United World Wrestling Corsier-sur-Vevey, 24 February 2016/Jdr-gt

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