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By Tom Kuisle, 08/05/20, 7:15AM MDT


2020 Mat Official Recommended Protocols
as of 7/10/2020

  • Mat Officials should be screened daily for COVID-19 symptoms
    1. Temperature Check
    2. Daily Questionnaire form
  • Mat Officials should regularly sanitize before and after each match. 
  • Mat Officials should wear face shields and/or face masks, gloves, electronic whistle (if possible), and maintain social distancing during the match. 
    1. This should apply to skin checks and weigh-ins as well. 
    2. Recommend if using normal face cover and/or face shield to ALSO use an electronic whistle. 
    3. The secondary recommendation would be to use a normal face shield AND normal whistle. 
  • If using three (3) – person mechanics, officials should maintain proper social distancing at all times while stationed at the scoring tables. Recommend a computer scorer on one end and the chairman on the other end of the table. Camera Operator should be stationed in a chair six (6) ft. away from the scorer’s table and mat. 
  • If using one (1) – person mechanics, please keep in mind table help should still be social distancing at the scorer's tables. 
  • Before and after stepping onto the mat surface, officials should disinfect their shoes with either a disinfectant shoe pad or wipes.
  • Mat Officials should conduct a visual inspection of both athletes before the match and 2nd period begins. 
  • Mat Officials should signal match winners by raising the correct color of their own armband. 
  • Mat Officials should not partake in any pre-match and post-match handshakes between athletes, coaches…etc.