Setting Up Arbiter-Pay in the USAW Membership system
Create an account in ArbiterPay
Once you have an Arbiter account you need to enter that Arbiter User name and account number into your USA Wrestling membership account.
Log into your profile in the USAW membership system.
  • Click  “Manage”(top middle of the page to the right of the USA logo) > Click “Profiles” in the pull-down menu
  • Click “Manage profile” (On the far right of the line with your photo and the red and green buttons)
  • Click “Bio details” (third menu button to the right, below your name and USAW Membership Number)
  • All info on this page should be completed including shirt size and other information that will help future tournament organizers.   Most importantly, half way down the page is the Arbiter info that must be completed with your "Arbiter Username" and "Arbiter Account Number"
  • To check and transfer money in your arbiter account use this link: