Mat Officials Forms (Google Docs)

The forms and documents below are archived in a Google Drive that will not allow you to edit or change the document.  To make these documents "editable" click on the blue link below > once the document is open file>download it to appropriate Word or Excel software on your computer to edit.
How do I sign up to become and USAW Official?
Travel reimbursement form that must be turned into the USAW staff representative at the tournament.
A checklist of Rules Clinician responsibilities
To be used to check officials in at the rules clinic

Head Mat Officials Forms

Before Tournament To Do list for head mat officials

          STIPEND CALCULATOR (Google Sheets)
This calculator is also listed as a downloadable PDF above.
This link will open in Google Sheets. Go>file>download from the Google Drive to your computer. It cannot be filled out online.
Be sure to complete after your assigned tournament, the click SUBMIT when finished with the above form.
This form is meant to help future assigned Weigh-Masters to create a better weigh-in experience. 
This is the paper version, You will find a electronic version in the USAW membership system that communicates with your tournament officials.                      
        Officials Evaluations Forms
These are no longer submitted in paper form.  You will find the electronic version in the membership system. Contact Tod Blank, CA for assistance.                 
       Formal Protest Form
To be used only if the tournament does not have video review.
       Protest Form for Video Review Tournament
Used very rarely. Look at criteria on the form
      Protest Decision Form
If you do have a rare protest be sure to fill out this form and submit to the USAW staff representative