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Policies and Proceedure Updates to be voted on in Fargo

Below is a link to the changes have been approved by the USWOA Exective Board of Directors and are currently in effect.
These changes are only in Part C of the USWOA Policies and Procedures and are specific to pairing officials.
A ratification vote will be taken at the General Membership Meeting in Fargo next month.
Please review these changes prior to the General Membership Meeting.

Toby "Gary" Tobiasson retires from USA wrestling as a referee in July 2019.

Toby Tobiasson, UT

With a personality and a heart as big as the man, Gary "Toby" Tobaisson travelled the country as a mat official, teaching and amusing officials, wrestlers, coaches and anyone else who would listen to his many stories. 
Toby was born and raised in Nebraska where he still has strong family ties. He began officiating wrestling in the early seventies but chose not to get involved with Fila and UWW. Toby preferred, instead, to shuffle and bus club wrestlers to local and regional events. He and his “Brotherhood” contributed countless volunteer hours at numerous local, state, regional and national tournaments throughout the Southwest and West as mat officials and instructors of referees. There are hundreds of mat officials roaming this country who have had the privilege of sharing a mat with Toby and improving their refereeing skills because of his wisdom and understanding of wrestling officiating.
Toby will tell you he is most proud of his tenure at regional and national events. He has worked at least one regional and every Cadet and Junior National since 1989. His most meaningful record is that he is the only official   who has worked every Cadet Dual since it started on two mats in Pueblo, Colorado, more than twenty five years ago.
Toby has received several national level accolades including the outstanding official at Cadet Nationals, outstanding Greco official at Junior Duals, Glen Blackman Award, Phil Portuese Award, Dick Riggle Award, USWOA Official of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Award. He has served as the Secretary of the USWOA Executive Board for fourteen years. 
Toby made us smile and enjoy the wrestling experience, but most importantly, he elevated our own individual performance in the sport of wrestling. 
As Toby retires from officiating, the wrestling family congratulates him for a job well done. 


2018. "Officials in Action" Photo Gallery

This gallery of photos is made possible by Dave Peterson, MN.  He has generously provided these photos of USOWA officials in action during the 2018 tournament season.

USAW & UWW Events

USAW & UWW Events

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2018 USWOA Official Upgrades

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2019 Question of the Day

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2019 Video of the Day

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2019 The Art of Refereeing, 5th Edition

A handbook developed for the official new to Greco and Freestyle officiating.


Vision:  High Level Officials Organization

Mission:  USWOA will strive to be a top level organization by providing resources, tools and services that develop high performing mat and pairing officials.

Areas of Focus:  Education, Recruitment and Retention, Evaluations and Upgrades/Downgrades

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