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(OEP) Officials Education Program - Location and Signup

Link to Learning TrackWrestlings Clock

Every mat and pairing official should have a good idea on the workings of the Clock Controller used by Track Wrestling at USAW events. Click Here  to go to the TrackWrestling page with clock information.  In the menu on the far left click on  "Controller Download" to download the software to your computer where you can practice working with the clock controller.  UnZip the file and make sure you have an updated version of Java running on your computer.  There is a Java link in the folder downloaded from TW.  

Click Here for a YouTube video link with clock controller instructions.


To:                  All M1, M1C, M2 & M3 REFEREES

Date:                27 March 2017


Listed below are the eleven (11) sessions of the USWOA Officials Education Program (OEP) for Referees during the 2017 season.  All sessions will be conducted prior to a Regional or National Championship.  These full day sessions do not replace the Clinics at these events and there is a limit on the number of participants for each session. 

All sessions will start at 08:00 am local time.

All out of area participants should plan to arrive the night before. USAW will provide rooms the night before each session for all OEP participants. OEP participants staying for the associated tournaments would then go to either tournament housing (if provided) or they will need to arrange lodging for the tournament. 

The 2017 National & Regional OEP's are as follows:

Date           Location                        Event                         Notes    Instructor                              Response Date
1. Mar 24    Centralia, WA                Northwest Regional    (B)        Tom Kuisle                           CLOSED
2. Apr 28    East. Stroudsburg, PA  Northeast Regional     (B)        Chris Curtis                         CLOSED
3. May 19    Rochester, MN              No Plains Regional     (B)       Casey Brennan-Goessl       CLOSED
4. May 19    Kalamazoo, MI              Central Regional          (B)        Chris Curtis                        NLT 21 April
5. May 19    Irving, TX                      Women’s Nationals      (A)       Tim Pierson                        NLT 21 April
6. May 26   Atlanta, GA                   Southeast Regional     (B)        Dave Errett                        NLT 21 April
7. Jun 01    Akron, OH                     University Nationals     (A)        Zach Errett                        NLT 04 May
8. Jun 02   Dodge City, KS             So Plains Regional       (B)        Jerry Kuntz                        NLT 04 May
9. Jun 18    Pocatello, ID                  West Regional             (B)         Danny Blackshear            NLT 21 May
10. Jun 28  Atlanta, GA                    Kids Nationals             (B)         Sam Julian                        NLT 31 May
11. Jul 14     Fargo, ND                      Cadet & Jr Nationals   (B, C)   TBD                                    NLT 16 June


(A) - OEP participant will be responsible for the first $200 and USAW will cover the remainder. All travel must be coordinated with USWOA/USAW and any air travel will be booked through USAW. DO NOT book travel until directed.

(B) - Travel subsidy will not be provided. All travel expenses are the responsibility of the participant.

(C) - Limited to M1C’s.

If you wish to apply for an OEP, please email your request to Tim Pierson at

Please provide the following information with your request:
1. First and Last Name.
2. Referee Category.
3. Referee License number.
4. Your State.
5. Email address.
6. Phone number.
7. OEP that you wish to attend.
8. If you require a room the night prior to the OEP.

The OEP sign up process does not replace the online tournament sign up. It is still mandatory to sign up for a National or Regional tournament on the USWOA website, where am I going to officiate this year? If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Tim J. Pierson USWOA Officials Education Program