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Where am I going to officiate this year?

All domestic tournaments mat and pairing officials can sign up to attend are listed at the bottom of this page. Be sure to read ALL instructions.



Officials can expect to be given a stipend to help defer travel cost for attending the national tournaments listed below.  Officials can also expect that these tournaments will provide lodging for all officials who properly sign up through the Where Are You Going link on the USWOA website.  Let it be known that officials that sign up and decide not to attend will be sanctioned according to the “Recruitment and Retention” policy adopted by the state leaders.  Officials should read and become familiar with this policy when attending tournaments in the future.  It is unethical to sign up for tournaments and not attend without properly withdrawing your name from consideration for lodging and reimbursement.

Know this BEFORE you signup for a tournament

Mat and Pairing officials,
Several members of the USWOA Board of Directors, USAW Staff and State Directors worked very hard on developing a policy of making sure that all working officials get housing and a stipend for national level tournaments. The plan is to expand this to Regional tournaments in 2017.  It is a good policy but it has some stipulations.

#1 You must work the all the sessions of the tournament.  Yes, we realize the are some exceptions because of personal commitments but it is your responsibility to notify the head official for that tournament.  It also not a way for coach/officials to ref a few matches, spend most of the time coaching to expect a room and a share of the stipend.

#2 If you sign up for a tournament, the LOC makes room arrangements for you and you are a "no show"  you can expect to be sanctioned and not receive a room a tournaments in the future.  Yes, we again know that their can be extenuating circumstances but it is the officials responsibility to remove name from the tournament signup AND to notify the head official of your change of plans.  This is to prevent the LOC from getting stuck with the expense of unused rooms.  This is a simple being courteous and good practice.

Tournament Sign Up Instructions

USAW Officials, Where Are You Going?
A Sport Ngin account is required for signing up.
If you already have a Sport Ngin account, log in, and begin selecting the tournaments you plan on attending.  
If you do not have an account, select Tournament Sign Up,  then the first tournament. You will be prompted to sign up for Sport Ngin.  Sign into Sport Ngin each time you want to view your selections.  A confirmation email will be sent for each tournament.
With this information, the event host/LOC (local organizing committee) will be able to effectively plan for the officials attending, as housing and hospitality are determined by these preliminary numbers.
You can edit your selection up until it is closed.  The "not attending" option will cancel your registration. Be sure to save any changes made.
NOTE: It is unethical for officials to sign up for a tournament that they have no intention of attending.  It is also unethical for officials whose plans have changed, to not mark his/her registration as "not attending" or to not contact the USWOA Office.  New policies in 2015 allow for a small reimbursement and a bed for officials at National Level tournaments.  If your plans change and you do not notify the USWOA office or the tournament director you will be sanctioned and not receive these benefits at future tournaments. Please review in the Recruitment and Retention Policies above.
Jamie McNab, USWOA Office Administrative Assistant 

USWOA  Office

I signed up for a tournament earlier in the year but my plans have changed or I need to update my information. What do I do?

If you wish to change flight times, arrival times, or other information. Or even more importantly, your plans have changed so that you will not be able to attend a tournament that you signed up for early in the season. Follow these steps:

  • First make sure you are logged into Sport Ngin at the very top of this page, red bar, far left.
  • Click on the tournament below you wish to change. The tournaments you signed up for will be in red.
  • On the page that appears under your name/picture click on edit.
  • On the page that appears change or add information to the profile you entered earlier.
  • Access to your tournaments can be seen by clicking on your name in the red bar and choosing “registrations”.  You will also be able to edit there.
  • If you are not attending the tournament click the Not Attending button in the upper left of the page.
  • Be sure to click Save Registration Entry at the bottom of the page or your new information will not be updated.
  • All last minute (less than a week before the tournament) cancelations should be sent to USWOA Office AND the tournament director.

What if a tournament is CLOSED !!!!!

If you wish officiate at a tournament and it is marked CLOSED that means the information has been sent to the tournament managers so that they can prepare for the tournament.  If your plans change so that you can not attend or you still wish to go to the tournament, contact the USWOA Office to make changes to your registration for the closed tournament.   

USAW Events Printable Calendar 2017-18

Note: This calendar is subject to change and should be checked frequently.


Logging into SportsEngine is required to use the tournament sign up