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Black Shirt / Grey Pants Official's Uniform for Fargo ONLY. All other tournaments leading to Fargo are blue shirts/grey pants.

All mat officials are expected to wear a black polo shirt and grey pants to work at the Cadet/Junior National Championships in Fargo.  Blue shirts WILL NOT be acceptable attire.  Since officials who are going for upgrade under UWW rules the USWOA board had decided to have all officials appear in the same attire.

Tournament Sign Up

Mat and Pairing officials,
Several members of the USWOA Board of Directors, USAW Staff and State Directors worked very hard on developing a policy of making sure that all working officials get housing and a stipend for national level tournaments. The plan is to expand this to Regional tournaments in 2017.  It is a good policy but it has some stipulations.

#1 You must work the all the session of the tournament.  Yes, we realize the are some exceptions because of personal commitments but it is your responsibility to notify the head official for that tournament.  It also not a way for coach/officials to ref a few matches, spend most of the time coaching to expect a room and a share of the stipend.

#2 If you sign up for a tournament, the LOC makes room arrangements for you and you are a "no show"  you can expect to be sanctioned and not receive a room a tournaments in the future.  Yes, we again know that their can be extenuating circumstances but it is the officials responsibility to remove name from the tournament signup AND to notify the head official of your change of plans.  This is to prevent the LOC from getting stuck with the expense of unused rooms.  This is a simple being courteous and good practice.



2016 Greco/Freestyle Rules Power Point for Clinicians

Tournament Clinician may obtain a 2016 Rules Power Point Presentation by contacting Zach Errett to have it sent to you on a flash drive.  The presentation includes numerous video examples and situations and is to large to send via email.  Contact Zach directly by clicking on his name.

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