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Upgrade Information for UWW and M1 USWOA Officials

UWW Referees or M1's

UWW just released the 2nd theoretical courses for this coming year.  Tulsa, Oklahoma was confirmed as the location for the 2nd course  who need to attend will be able to make the clinic.  Below is some important information for those who are eligible to attend and how the clinic will work.

The Type I-II Clinic is scheduled for June 21-22.  This is for referees who are looking to obtain a UWW Referee License or a promotion from a Category III to a II.  In order to obtain a UWW Referee license, you must be a national M1 and be under the age of 40.  To be eligible for an upgrade from a III to a II, you must have been a Category III for at least one full year.  That means if you received your license last year, you will not be eligible this year to be promoted.

The Type III-IV Clinic is schedule for June 23-24.  This would be for referees that are wanting a promotion from a Category II to I or from I to IS.  Again, you must have maintained your current category for the at least one year before seeking a promotion.  

USAW has allowed us an opportunity to help keep the cost of this event down.  They have offered to cover the Room and Board for the duration of the event if you are willing to work the Junior Duals on the days you are not attending the course.  For example, if you attend the Type I-II clinic on June 21-22 and then you work the tournament on June 23-24, they would cover your room and board.  If you are attending the Type III-IV course and you work the beginning of the duals, they will also provide the room and board.  You must work the duals on the days that you are not attending the course.  If you accept that, then you will only have to cover the cost of travel to the event.  If you choose not to work the event, then you will be required to pay $120 per day for the course.  This is what is being charged to international referees that are attending.  This would be for 3 days.

This course is only the Theoretical Course for UWW.  You would also need to attend a practical course to get your license or an upgrade.  Fargo is a Type I-II tournament and those looking to get a license could attend that event to meet that requirement.  If you are looking for a Type III-IV course (like Pan Am Cadets), you would need to check on the UWW Calendar for a list of those events.  If you come to the Theoretical Course this year, you must attend an event this year in order to be eligible for the upgrade.  If you do not attend a tournament this year, you would have to repeat the process next year.  

I know this is quite a bit of information.  Just to be clear, if you are wanting to get your UWW License this year or be promoted from a UWW 3 to 2,  you would have to attend both the Referee Course in Tulsa and then the tournament in Fargo.  

There will not be a long clinic in Fargo and will only be one short one at the beginning of the competition.  This is why the course in Tulsa is mandatory for upgrades or getting a license.  

If you plan to attend Fargo just to work or to get credit for a UWW tournament and are not looking to get promoted, you do not have to attend the course in Tulsa.  It is only for those looking for a promotion or to get a license.

If you decide that you are going to attend the course in Tulsa, please let Jaimie McNab and myself know ASAP.  We will need to know which clinic you are attending, when you will arrive and if you will be working the entire event.  This is not something that you can request at the last minute or cancel at the last minute.  If you are going to commit, please make sure that you are 100% positive that you will be able to attend.

If you have any questions, please let me know.



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2017 Rule Changes

In the United States, we will have some slight rule changes for 2017 Season.  These rule changes will be outlined in a document that went to all the State Chairman and to the USWOA Membership.  These rules will only be used in our National Junior age division and down.  These will not apply to any UWW Qualifying event, University or Senior level competitions.  They will continue to use the UWW rules as they are written currently.  Below is a link to a video that outlines the changes in the rules with video examples.  This is good resource that should work well with the document that was emailed out.  


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Photos of USWOA Mat Officials in Action at the 2016 Fargo Nationals.  

All photos courtesy of Dave Peterson, MN

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